Pelicans case

From clients Managing Director to the Head of the agency.
Something our conferences are very boring. Everything is the same.
Look at what truly creative people do.

We want something like that. Creative! And then you always offer some sort of rotten ...

Agency Director
Colleagues, have you seen the letter?
I do not know what to say…
We are the best!
Can we also drive pelicans to the conference?

Creative director
Good question. I think you can.

Assignment to the technical department:
Tomorrow we need several imposing pelicans (5-6) planning over the coast in front of the hotel, and one pelican planning in front of the windows of the general director.
Please provide and tell who will be responsible for the birds. thanks

Yours sincerely
KD ".

Agency Head of Projects
Polina, it is necessary to coordinate the flight path of birds with the Client
in the air

Project manager
I inform you. We have some difficulties.

The client cannot approve the place where the pelicans will soar, cannot
communicate an acceptable degree of decline in line with corporate
brand book. Colleagues, it turns out that they will fly as it turns out.
What they need to croak is also not yet clear.

Technical Manager
Eeeee! Do not forget! They will not have to fly
coast, and in the hall, because conference in Moscow. And to avoid
misunderstandings, it will be necessary to provide for special plugs (they will probably have to be specially produced after we know the size).

Project manager
Assignment to the technical department.

Artyom! Please find out the size of the traffic jams and PERSONALLY check!

Technical Manager
Only after the approval of the position by the Client!

What traffic jams? Why include them in the estimate?

Project manager
Blushing thickly ... wrinkles. Calls on the phone, going out into the corridor.

Project manager
Assignment to the technical department.

Artem, please find out next week the rental price of 5-6 pelicans and the possibility of branding them. Traffic jams agreed. Check it out.

In general, I think it is worth offering three options
(cheap, medium and expensive): sparrows / pelicans / peacocks.

Please find out about the cost of renting penguins.

According to corporate rules - postpay for birds is 135 days

Technical Manager
Colleagues, please specify if the Client knows that penguins do not fly?

Project manager
Penguins and sparrows are canceled. Pelicans - approved, peacocks - an additional option.

Creative director
Colleagues, I have depression. I’m afraid that even if our pelicans show aerobatics and scream the speech, the Client will not notice or say, “Well, yes, we usually do just that. Now we will analyze their appearance ... Why weren’t they wearing corporate shirts?”

Let's consider all possible difficulties.

Please optimize the estimate.
We are ready to pay only three pelicans. In the photos they sent, they were somehow not pretty. Replacement required.

The rest of the pelicans, since there is a reservation, we want to use on
gala dinner. Include them in your gala dinner budget.

I managed to find out what our Pelican Director loves.
Now we find out whether he wants to show or prefer them with garlic sauce. Be prepared for both options.

Technical Manager
I need a few clarifications:
- in what language should pelicans tweet?
- gender, ratio m / f
- are royal pelicans needed in the pedigree of our pelicans
- weight category, age
- minimum number of feathers and beak length
- time and flight altitude (the price will depend on this)
- unfortunately, there are restrictions on branding pelicans. They can only be branded in 3 colors: green, red and purple.

If a different color appears on their feathers, they go crazy and eat each other. I ask the Client to warn about this feature. Ideally, I propose to make the application in one color.

After clarification, I can say a more accurate price. We have previously booked 6 pelicans, we need to give confirmation as soon as possible, since the pelicans have another request for the same date.

Creative director.
Assignment to the technical department:

“Artem! You are a professional!
Please decide such questions yourself! Well, it’s obvious that pelicans must be bilingual!

Age - average, closer to neutral, in general - young and beautiful. But you need a lot of experience in such events! And, warn that there will be no co-payments for rehearsals! Everything should be included in the price of the event.

Well and so on

About the three that remain at the gala dinner. You need to choose thicker ones, because there are 500 participants, but an increase of up to 1000 is possible, so that should be enough for everyone.

Pelicans themselves can not yet be informed about their participation in the gala dinner. Let it be a surprise

Yours sincerely
KD "

Technical Manager
Pelicans booked, made an advance payment. They are young and pretty! With experience! Thick! They know Russian, Spanish and English!

Hooray, they are ours!

Dear colleagues!
Let me thank you for the work done. We greatly appreciate your creativity and a clear approach to work.
We inform you that the conference planned by us is postponed indefinitely. We will inform you about new dates later.
We look forward to a fruitful cooperation in the future.